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Useful numbers

To ensure your safety during your stay in Sardinia, here is a list of emergency numbers along with a brief description of the situations in which they may be necessary:

118 – Medical Emergency: In case of accidents or health issues, you can call the number 118 for immediate medical assistance. This service operates 24 hours a day.

113 – Police: For emergency situations requiring the intervention of law enforcement, including thefts, serious road accidents, or other safety-related emergencies.

115 – Fire Brigade: This number is to be called in case of fires, situations of danger due to fires, or emergencies related to fire.

112 – Carabinieri: The Carabinieri are a military police force in Italy, and you can call the number 112 in emergency situations or when you require assistance from local police.

1530 – Coast Guard: If you are in emergency situations at sea, including issues with watercraft, maritime accidents, or reports of people lost at sea, the Coast Guard is at your service.

1515 – Wildfire in Sardinia: This number is dedicated to emergencies related to wildfires in Sardinia. The region can be subject to wildfires during the hot seasons, so it’s important to know this number to report fires or dangerous situations.