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Nuraghe Losa Abbasanta

Nuraghe Losa

An Archaeological Treasure in the Heart of Sardinia

Nuraghe Losa, located in the countryside of Abbasanta, in the province of Oristano, is one of the most fascinating and best-preserved nuragic monuments in Sardinia. This extraordinary archaeological site, nestled in the greenery of the Mediterranean maquis, offers a unique testimony of the nuragic civilization and its millennia-old historical events. Easily accessible, Nuraghe Losa is a must-see for anyone visiting the island.

History and Archaeological Excavations

Nuraghe Losa boasts a long history of archaeological excavations that began in the 19th century. The first systematic investigations were conducted by Filippo Vivanet and Filippo Nissardi in 1890. Later, in 1915, Antonio Taramelli explored the surrounding village, discovering, among other things, a limestone fragment of a model of a single-tower nuraghe. In the 1950s, Giovanni Lilliu analyzed the discovered artifacts, while in the 1970s, Ferruccio Barreca carried out further excavations and restorations, making the site visitable. From 1989 to 1994, Vincenzo Santoni, Paolo Benito Serra, and Ginetto Bacco conducted additional investigations on the central tower and bastion.

Nuraghe Losa Abbasanta
Nuraghe Losa – Abbasanta | Jean Latour

Architecture and Structure

Nuraghe Losa is an impressive example of nuragic architecture, characterized by a trilobate plan structure, built entirely of black basalt during the Middle Bronze Age (15th-14th century BC). The central truncated-cone tower, 13 meters high, with a central chamber covered by a tholos, is the heart of the complex. The structure also includes a trilobate bastion and an outer wall, surrounded by a powerful oval wall with doors and protruding towers pierced by loopholes.

Architectural Details

Central Tower: A large chamber with three cross-shaped niches, accessible via a spiral ramp.

Side Towers: Connected to the central tower by walls, with small wells used as storage.

Outer Wall: Includes a narrow courtyard and a cistern at the base of the western turret.

Round Building: Probably a meeting hut, located in front of the main entrance, equipped with niches and loopholes.

Nuraghe Losa Abbasanta
Nuraghe Losa – Abbasanta | Hans Hillewaert

Surrounding Settlement

Around Nuraghe Losa was a large village of circular huts, extending over three and a half hectares. This settlement, protected by a powerful wall, dates back to the Late Bronze Age and the Iron Age, but was also inhabited during the late Punic, Roman, and Byzantine periods. The traces of the village, which are still waiting to be fully unearthed, testify to the continuous occupation and use of the site through the centuries.

Environmental Context

Nuraghe Losa is situated in a strategic position on the basalt plateau of Abbasanta, at 304 meters above sea level, near the Strada Statale 131. This location offers a breathtaking panoramic view of the surrounding area, immersed in the greenery of the Mediterranean maquis. The ease of access from the island’s main ports and airports makes the site an ideal destination for visitors.

Nuraghe Losa Abbasanta
Nuraghe Losa – Abbasanta | Jack Aubrey

Useful Information

Opening Hours: Nuraghe Losa is open every day from 9 AM until one hour before sunset.

Ticket Prices:

  • Full: 6 euros
  • Groups (minimum 20 people): 4.50 euros per person
  • Children from 6 to 13 years: 3 euros
  • Free for children from 0 to 5 years, people with disabilities, ICOM members, and MiBACT staff.


  • Phone: +39 0785 52302 | +39 331 912 8790
  • Email: info@nuraghelosa.net
  • Address: Strada Statale 131 Carlo Felice – Località Losa – 09071 Abbasanta (OR)

Services Offered:

  • Guided Tours: Guided tours offer the opportunity to closely explore the mysterious world of the Nuragic civilization. Available in Italian, Sardinian, English, and French.
  • Educational Workshops: Engaging experiences to explore history through practical and creative activities.
  • Special Events: Including night tours during the summer, wellness days, book presentations, and meetings with authors.

Website: www.nuraghelosa.net

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Nuraghe Losa is a symbol of the nuragic civilization and represents one of the most significant expressions of Sardinia’s millennia-old history. Its imposing architecture, along with the vast surrounding settlement and the excavation campaigns that have enabled its enhancement, make this site a must-visit for archaeology enthusiasts and anyone wishing to discover the historical and cultural wonders of the island. Visiting Nuraghe Losa means immersing oneself in a journey through time, exploring the deep roots of Sardinian history.