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Medical Care

Medical Services for Travelers

While exploring Sardinia, it’s crucial to be aware of the available medical assistance options in case of need. During the summer season, from July to September, the region provides a tourist medical service managed by local ASL (Local Health Authorities). This service is also available to non-resident travelers and offers basic medical assistance either at a clinic or at your accommodation if necessary. Please be aware that there may be fees associated with these services. For additional information and contact details, please visit Sardegna Salute in the “Tourist Health Services” section.

Medical Assistance Outside of the Summer Season

Outside of the summer season, when the tourist medical service may not be active, you can rely on the regular medical service or continuity of care. This service provides basic medical assistance during nighttime, weekends, and holidays, and it can conduct home visits when required. It is available in many major locations on the island. For specific details and contact information, refer to Sardegna Salute in the “Medical Services” section.

Emergency Care

In case of a medical emergency, please seek assistance at the nearest hospital’s emergency department, where you will receive immediate and appropriate care.

Restroom Facilities

Public restroom facilities are not widely available in Sardinia. When in need, the best solution is to enter a café or bar, which are legally required to offer restroom facilities to their customers.